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About Krivbascvetplav, LTD

Manufacturer of centrifugal casting

Our head office resides in Ukraine, Krivoy Rog, area Dnipropetrowsk. We are specialized in casting bronze cast parts with special mechanical and technological qualities and in the following treatment or reparation of various equipment.

The casting happens over the centrifugal way. The generation of the following whole and/or temporary mechanical treatment of components occurs. The base of our generated products constitute bronze bushings, bronze bearings, bearing bushes, bushings, glands, spherical axial bearings and other elements of friction mechanism for mining and other equipment.

Krivbascvetplav LTD already delivers the following companies in the area of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine regularly:

  • Mariupol metallurgical works named after Ilyich, (MMK name Ilyich);
  • Northern ore Mining and processing Plant (SevGOK);
  • Poltava Mining and processing Plant (Poltava GOK);
  • Central Mining and processing enterprise (CGOK);
  • Inguletskiy Mining and processing Plant (InGOK);
  • South Mining and processing Plant (YuGOK);
  • The plant of experimental equipment;
  • Plant "Constar" and many other enterprises of Ukraine.

We invite every company, which fabricates bronze bushings and other spare parts by using centrifugal casting, to cooperation.

And of course we follow your suggestions with interest and we are always available for further personal informations.

Bronze and cast iron - casting details

Centrifugal casting made of bronze for construction machines - finished bronze bushings, shims, corrugations, rings and glands. This kind of casting made for mining engineering. The production consists of tapered bushes, cylindrical bushes, bearings and drives for mills.

Typical bronze casting are produced in a casting die with centrifugal casting technology. This kind of procedure increases the metal concentration, but also the durability of the produced parts.

Apart from the generation of mechanical treatment of bronze components, the constant qualitative improvement of our own production and consistency also lies in our interest.

Of course we also accept worldwide requests and orders.

Nikolai Kowalenko
Top Manager
Krivbascvetplav, LTD

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