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Machining of castings

Krivbascvetplav,LTD - performer of the processing of castings

Our company makes the mechanical processing of bronze casting. "Krivbascvetplav", LTD has its own lathes, milling machines and other machines for its own production capacity to make the manufacture of finished goods possible.

The lathes and milling machines and other equipment of our machining department can produce castings of the following dimensions:

  • weight class of the castings: from 2 kg to 700 kg
  • outer size: up to 900 mm
  • interior size: from 40 mm and a length up to 700 mm

Our good facilities allow us to grind various bushings, bearings and other parts and to manufacture not only single pieces but a series of them.

Photos: Machining of castings by Krivbascvetplav, LTD

Machining of Castings Krivbascvetplav

Machining of Castings Krivbascvetplav

Machining of castings Krivbascvetplav
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