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Nonferrous casting of bronze in Ukraine

Krivbascvetplav, LTD - producer of nonferrous casting

Our company produces nonferrous castings of bronze for various industries. Nonferrous castings are shaped castings from nonferrous alloys, which are based on any nonferrous metals except iron.

The Krivbascvetplav LTD has experience in manufacturing centrifugal castings for the mining and ore industry. We employ specialists with high qualifications and have a modern equipment, which we use to mould nonferrous castings of bronze and for the mechanical processing of details.

We produce from the following product groups:

  • bronze bushings and liners for mining shovels;
  • bushings, bearings, footsteps, plates for crushing and milling equipment;
  • bushings and liners for motor vehicles, tractors, road-building machinery, construction machinery;
  • bronze bushings, bearings and equipment for guides, forge and pressure;
  • motor-axial bearings for traction and electric motors of locomotives for Railways;
  • bronze crowns and special industrial equipment for gearboxes, cranes and lif.

Photos: Production of nonferrous castings of bronze by Krivbascvetplav, LTD

Non-ferrous Castings Of Bronze

Non-ferrous Castings Of Bronze

Nonferrous casting of bronze in Ukraine
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