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Vacuum casting of bronze in Ukraine

Krivbascvetplav,LTD - producer of vacuum casting

Our company creates vacuum casting of bronze, which is a casting process where the filling of liquid metal of the mold cavity is conducted in a vacuum.

During vacuum casting the forced filling of the form with metal is accompanied by the entire removal of gases, that allows to produce thin-walled, dense and high-quality castings.

Vacuum casting is common in combination with vacuum melting for the production of shaped castings made of steels and alloys. By this way of production the castings get high density.

There are different ways of manufacturing shaped castings with the method of vacuum casting:

  • metal suctioning vacuum in a mould located above the melt, in which crystallization occurs atatmospheric or high pressure;
  • metal suctioning vacuum with the use of metal static pressure (mould is located under the metal);
  • vacuum casting under pressure in an injection moulding machine ( with vacuum moulds);
  • centrifugal vacuum fill and other ways.

Lost wax casting

Lost wax casting is a way to obtain shaped castings from metal alloys in a one-piece, hot and non-steaming shell-shaped form within a working cavity, which was formed to remove the casting patterns by cauterization, melting or dissolving.

In this method the casting moulds (usually metal) press a model composition, which creates model parts and Gating system components after hardening.

This composition is often removed by melting down in hot water (this explains the name of the process - lost wax casting). The obtained form gets calcined at 800-1000 degrees and casted to metal.

The lost waxing casting method produces complicated casting forms weighing from a couple of grams up to ten kilograms with a wall thickness from 0,5 mm or more, a surface with the corresponding 4-6 purity classes and a high dimensional accuracy.

All these characteristics were the reason for the former names of this method - precision die casting. The dimensions of the castings are made by this method and that as close as to the dimensions of the finished cast parts. With the reduction of further treatment, the costs of the following finished product are lower.

Lost wax casting is used for the production of art casting, jewellery, dentures, metal and other products. This casting method is already very old and has a high application in modern industry with the revised casting technology and studies about the qualities of organosilicon compounds.

Photos: Production of vacuum castings by Krivbascvetplav, LTD

Vacuum Castings - Krivbascvetplav

Vacuum Castings - Krivbascvetplav

Vacuum casting of bronze in Ukraine
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