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Why is the bronze snake bronze?

Why is the bronze snake bronze?
Why is the bronze snake staff bronze?
What is the composition of bronze?
Bronze is a metal alloy that contains primarily copper, most commonly also contains tin, but can also be made of othe element...

Is bronze malleable?
Well, it's pretty brittle, so relatively, no. More malleable than diamonds, less malleable than copper.

What is the bronze age?
The Bronze Age (c. 3300-2500 b.c.) is the period of human culture when man began using bronze metal to make objects-principal...

Is bronze magnetic?
No. It isn't because it hasn't the correct, only nickel, cobalt, steel and iron are magnetic materials.

How is bronze made?
Bronze is made by chemicals that are formed and engineered to make one.Bronze is a metal alloy consisting primarily of copper...

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What is the valence of bronze?
There is no valence of bronze. It is not a chemical compound, but a mixture of copper and tin.

What is symbol for bronze?
There is no symbol for bronze because it is not an element, but a mixture of tin and copper.

Are bronze medals made from bronze?
If you win it in the Olypics then its bronze... but others might not be.


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